Lista Producentów

Parasol Licencyjny® obejmuje prawie 1000 producentów filmowych i telewizyjnych oraz dystrybutorów.


101 Films
12 Yard Productions
365 Flix International
41 Entertaiment LLC
495 Productions
4K Media Inc
4Licensing Corporation
A&E Channel Home Video
Abot Hameiri
Abso Lutely Productions
ACIP (fka Angel City Factory (ACP))
Acorn Group
Acorn Media
Actaeon Films
Action Concept
Action Concept Film und Stuntproduktion
Action Concept/Production Concept Gmbh
Action Image Gmbh & Co
Adult Swim Productions
Adventure Line Productions (ALP)
Agatha Christie Productions
Ager Film
AIM Group
Air Productions
Al Dakheel Inc
Alcina Pictures
Alcon Entertainment
Alcon Film Fund LLC
Alcon Television
Alley Cat Films
All-In-Production Gmbh
Ambi Exclusive Acquisitions Co. LLC
American Heroes Productions
American Portrait Films
Anglia Television
Animal Planet Productions
Animal Planet Video
Animalia Productions
Annapurna Productions
Apollo Media
Apollo Media Distribution Gmbh
Apollo Media Nova Gmbh
Apollo ProMedia
Apollo ProMovie
Apollo ProScreen
Apollo Screen
Archery Pictures Limited
Arclight Films International
Arenico Productions
Argo Ventures Gmbh
Argonon International
Atlantic 2000
August Entertainment
Avalon Distribution Ltd
Avalon Television
B & B Company
Bandai Namco Arts Inc
Banijay Finland
Banijay France
Banijay Group
Banijay Productions
Banijay Rights Ltd.
Banijay Studios
Bauer Martinez Studios
BBL Distribution
BBP Music Publishing c/o Black Bear Pictures
Beacon Communications
Berlin Animation Film
Best Film and Video
Best of Me Productions
Beyond Entertainment Limited
Big Fish Films NI
Big Idea Entertainment
Big Talk Productions
Billy Graham Evangelistic Ass. / World Wide Pictures
Bio Channel Productions
BKN International
Blacklisted Films
Blakeway Productions
Blue Marlin Television Ltd
BMG Audiovisual Productions
BMG Rights Management
Bob's Your Uncle
Bold Films LP
Boundless Productions
Brad Lachman Productions
BriteSpark Films
British and Foreign Bible Society
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Brook Lapping Productions
Buena Vista Pictures
Bunim Murray
C3 Entertainment
Candlelight Media
Cannon Pictures
Carey Films Ltd
Carlton Film and Television
Carlton International Media
Carsey Werner Company
Cartoon Network
Cats on the Roof
CDR Communications
Celestial Filmed Entertainment
Central Park Media
Chapter 2
Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment
Christian Television Association
Ciby DA
Cinematheque Collection
Clayton Productions
Clearstory Ltd
Clover Spy LLC
CMT Network
Coccinelle Film
Colin Buchanan
Contender Entertainment
Content Mint Pty Ltd
Content Partners Fund 3 SPV
Cooking Channel Productions
Cosgrove Hall Films
Crawford McCann Ltd
Creation Films
Crime & Investigation Channel
Crime + Investigation Productions
Cross Wind Productions
Crown Entertainment
Crystal Image
Cypress Entertainment Group - Spyglass
D Christiano Films
Daro Film Distribution
David Stanley Enterprises Inc
Davis Films
DBM Films
DC Comics
DCD Rights
Deadpan Pictures
Dico Filme LLC
Digital Lifestyle Studios
Discovery Channel Video
Discovery Communications Inc
Distribution Workshop
Diverse Productions
DIY Network Productions
Dramedy International SRO
Dreamworks Animation SKG
Dreamworks Animation SKG
Dreamworks Classics (f/k/a Classic Media)
Dreamworks Pictures (Releases 2011 to present)
Dreamworks Pictures (Releases 2011 to present)
Dreamworks Pictures (Releases prior to 2011)
Dreyfuss/James Productions
Drive Media Rights Ltd
East West Documentaries Ltd
Eccho Rights AB
Ecosse Films
Educational Broadcasting Corporation
Elle Driver
Emperor Motion Picture Limited
Emporium Productions
Endgame Entertainment
Endor Productions
Entertainment Asset Holdings
EO International
ERF Christian Radio & Television
Eric Velu Productions
Euston Films
Evra Media Solutions (fka Opus Distribution)
Exclusive Media Distribution
Expectation Entertainment
Fabrik Entertainment
Family Entertainment Library
Fidelite Films SAS (ex. FRA)
Fifth year Productions
Film and Music Entertainment
Film Bridge International
Film Finances Inc
Filmmates Entertainment
Films Around the World
Films De L'Orient
Films of Record Ltd
Fine Line Features
First Pond Entertainment
Five Star Productions
Flame Distribution Ltd
Flame Television
Flicker Productions
Flying Bark Productions
Focus Features
Food Network Productions
Fortune Star Media Ltd
Fox - Walden
Fox 2000 Films
Fox Look
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Free Dolphin Entertainment
Fremantle Media Group
Fuji Creative Corporation
FYI Network
Gaga Corporation
Galloping Films
Gateway Films
GEM Global Entertainment Magyar
Gemini Films & Library Gmbh
Geteve (GTV)
Gobstopper Productions Ltd
Gold Circle Films
Golden Books Entertainment
Golden Network Asia
Golden Network Overseas Ltd
Good Machine International Inc
Gospel Films
Grace Products/Evangelical Films
Granada America
Granada Film and Television
Gravier Productions
Great American Country Productions
Greenestreet Films
Grizzly Adams Productions
Groundswell Productions II
Gurney Productions
Hahn & m4e Productions Gmbh (fka Lucky Punch Gmbh)
Half Yard Productions
Hammer Film Legacy Limited
Handsome Productions Ltd
Hannibal Pictures
Hanway Films
Hardheaded Films
Hart Sharp Entertainment
Hartswood Films
Harvest Productions
Harvey Entertainment
Hasbro International
Hat Trick Productions
Hello Halo Productions Ltd
HGTV Productions
High Noon Entertainment
Highland Film Group
Hindsight Productions Ltd
History Channel
Holding Pictures
Hollywood Pictures
House & Moorhouse Films
Hudson Street Productions (TV Land)
Hurricane Films Ltd
Hybrid LLC
Icon Film Distribution Pty Ltd
IM Global
Image Entertainment
Image Madacy Entertainment
Imagem FTV Ltd
Incendo Media
Incorporated Television Company (ITC)
Inferno Distribution
Inspired Studios
Inspired Wellness Video
Intermedia Film Distribution
International Christian Communications (ICC)
International Film Forum
International Films
ITV Entertainment
ITV Global Entertainment
ITV Productions
ITV Studios America
ITV Studios Australia
ITV Studios Drama
ITV Studios Entertainment
ITV Studios UK
ITV Wales & West
Jackdaw Films Limited
Jackie & JJ Productions
Jeremiah Films
JM Shiff Productions
Jonathan M Shiff Productions
K5 International
Kadokawa Shoten
Kalel Productions
Kalon Media, Inc.
Keshet International UK
Keystone Pictures
Kidscave Entertainment Productions Ltd
Kingsway Communications
KM Production
Korda Film Library
Lantern Entertainment
Lantern Film and Video
Last Passenger Ltd
Leftfield Pictures
Leopard Drama
Leopard Films
Liberty Bell
Lifetime Channel
Lifetime Productions
Lightning Entertainment Group
Linn Productions
LMN Network
Lohse Movie
London Weekend Television
Lookout Point Ltd
Lorimar Telepictures
Loud TV
LRW Productions
Lucky Day Productions
Lucky Red
Ludia Inc.
M4E Television
Magnolia Spain
Magnolia TV Spa (Italy)
Mahoney Media Group, Inc.
Mammoth Screen
Manu Propria Entertainment
Maralee Dawn Ministries
Marvel Studios
Mastiff Denmark (MTV Denmark)
Mastiff Norway (MTV Norway)
Mastiff Sweden (MTV Sweden)
McDougal Films
McFadzean Productions
Medal of Honor Productions
Media Asia International Distribution
Mediabiz Consell
Mediaserf Germany
Meridian Television
Messenger Films
Method Animation
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios
MGM Pre 1986 Titles
Middlechild Productions Ltd
Military Channel Video
Millennium Media Inc
Miramax Films
Montecristo International Entertainment
Motorino Amaranto Srl
Mpower Pictures
MRC II Distribution Company
MTV Films
MTV International Inc
MVM Entertainment Ltd
Nasser Group
NBC/Universal Television
NDF International
Neue Road Movies
New 38th Floor Productions
New Beginnings Media LLC (fka Flashpoint)
New Entertainment Reasearch and Design
New Line Cinema
New Open Door Productions Inc (Logo)
New Pop Culture Productions Inc (VH1)
New Remote Produtions Inc (MTV)
Newman Street
NHK Enterprises
Nickelodeon Movies
Nippon Animation Co
Nippon Television Network
Nonstop Group
Nordisk Group (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
Odd Lot Entertainment
Odin's Eye Entertainment
Off The Fence Ltd
Omnilab Limited
One Animation
One Village Entertainment
Onyx Films
Open Door International
Original Productions
Orion Pictures
Osiris Entertainment
Outpost Entertainment
Outsider Pictures
Owl Power Ltd
P.G. Production Services
Palomar Television and Film Production SpA (ex. Italy)
Paolo Virzi
Parallax Pictures
Paramount Classics
Paramount Insurge
Paramount Pictures
Paramount Vantage
Park Circus Ltd. (fka Arts Alliance Ltd.)
Partridge Films
Pegasus Motion Picture Distribution
Peter Pan Video
PFG Entertainment
PGS Entertainment
PGS HK Limited
Pi Productions
Pineapple Entertainment
Pixar Animation Studios
Plum Pictures
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Possessed Television
Praesens Film
Praise Home Video
Prayer Flag Pictures
Proudfoot Ltd
QD3 Entertainment
QED Distribution
Quigley Village
Rank Films
RDF Television
Recorded Picture Company
Red Arrow Studios International Gmbh
Red Granite International
Red House TV
Red Seven Entertainment Gmbh
Red Shoes Inc
Reel To Real
Reel World Management
Relativity Media
Remedy Productions
Republic Pictures
Revelation Films
Reverse Angle International
Reverse Angle Pictures Gmbh
Revolution Studios Distribution Company
RG Studio d.o.o.
Right Stuf Inc
Ring A Ding
River Road Entertainment
Riverdog Productions Ltd
RKO Pictures
RKO Radio Pictures
RLJ Entertainment
RML Echo Films LLC
RMLDD Financing LLC
Romulus Library
Roulette Entertainment
Rubber Duck Entertainment
Ruby Films
Rugged Entertainment
Rumpus Media Ltd
Russ Doughten Films
Sage Entertainment
Scholastic Entertainment
SCI Productions
SCM Haenssler
Scott Free Films
Screen Media Ventures
Screentime Australia
Screentime New Zealand
SEPIA Lifestyle Oracle
September Films
Seven Network
Shin Corporation
Shin Ei Animation
Shiver Productions
Shogakukan Music and Digital Entertainment
Shogakukan Shueisha Production
Shotglass Media
Side By Side Films
Sidney Kimmel Entertainment
Signature Sound
Sirens Media
SK Entertainment
Slingshot Pictures
Snowman Productions Norway
SO Television
Sony Pictures Classics
South Hope Street Music
South Pacific Pictures
Spark Productions Ltd
SSG Produktion und Vertriebs
St Benedict Press
Star Content
Starbright Communications Limited
Starlight Films
Starline Entertainment
Starvision Plus
Storm Entertainment
Story SARL
Studio Ghibli
Subotica Ltd
Sullivan Entertainment
Survival (fka Survival Wilderness)
Talpa Global
Tandem Communications
TCB Media Rights
Teenergy Productions
Tele Images
Tele-Cinema Taurus
Television Associates
Ten Alps TV
TF1 International (ex. France)
The Comedy Unit
The Garden Productions
Thin Man Films
Thinkfactory Media
Three Seventeen Trust
TLC Video
Toei Animation
Toff Media
Toho Co. Ltd
Tohokushinsha Film Corporation
Tokyo Broadcasting System
Tommy Nelson
Tomorrow Films
Top Hat Productions
Topical Television
Total Living Productions
Total Living Video Curriculum
Touchstone Pictures
Transparent Television
Travel Channel Productions
Trijbits Productions
truTV Productions
Tuesday's Child Television Ltd
Turner Entertainment
TV Azteca S.A. de C.V. (ex. Mexico)
TVA/Quigley's Village
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
Tyne Tees Television
UFA Film Und Fernseah Gmbh (fka CLT-UFA SA)
UFA Magyarország
United Artists Pictures
United International Pictures
Universal Pictures
USA Films
Velocity Productions
Viacom Media Networks US
Viceland TV
Vico Films
Victory Media Musikverlag
Vine Library Company LP (fka The Film Department)
Vision Video
Vulcan Productions
Walden Media
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Animation
Warner Independent Pictures
Warner Premiere
Weinstein Company
White Horse Library Collections
Wim Wenders Stiftung
Wind Dancer Group Productions
Wish Films
WS Releasing
Xenon Home Video
YFG Services Inc (dba YFG International)
Yorkshire Television
Young Films
Zelus Film Holding Company
Zeppelin Films
Zig Zag Productions
Zodiak Belgium
Zodiak Finland
Zodiak Kids
Zodiak Media AB (Sweden)
Zodiak Media Ireland
Zodiak Netherlands (fka Palm Plus)
Zodiak USA